Kids Riding Lessons

Why is Anstead Acres a great place to learn to ride?

Whether your child wants to learn to ride or already has some experience, we offer riding lessons to suit beginners to advanced from 6 years and up.

Pam Andrew is a Senior Instructor, with the nationally recognised body Horse Safety Australia. She has been working with horses for over 40 years, and teaching riders of all abilities for many years.

If you would like to organise an introductory lesson please call us to arrange your lesson.

What can you expect from your child’s lessons?

Because of our broad experience and knowledge, we are able to customise each lesson to best suit the individual abilities and desires of your child. We keep a record log of your child’s progress.

Your child’s coordination will develop as they learn to move with the horse in walk, trot and eventually canter, developing their confidence and balance. These initial lessons cover steering, stop and go, with emphasis on good technique and safety. These may be conducted on a lead line, or in our enclosed round-yard.

The lessons progress from the round-yard to the arena, when the rider is comfortable to do so. Due to the high quality of our horses, all lessons from beginner to advanced are greatly sought after. The high level of education of our horses provides opportunity for riders to advance their skill levels in many areas from groundwork, horsemanship, and English and Western riding techniques.

Pam is happy to have a chat to help you decide where would best suit your child to start their horse journey. The best way to get started is to enquire about a lesson.

Private Riding Lessons

  • Senior Instructor

  • Suitable for beginner to advanced

  • Only available using an Anstead Acres horse

$80 Anstead Acres horse

  • One on one lesson

  • Senior Instructor

  • Suitable for beginner to advanced

$99 Anstead Acres horse

$80 your horse

  • One on one lesson

  • Senior Instructor

  • Suitable for beginner to advanced

$125 Anstead Acres horse

$95 your horse


Group Riding Lessons

Riding is always more fun with friends! A group lesson is a great way to improve your child's skills and have fun at the same time. 


Groups lessons are offered in the afternoons on specific days of the week. 


We offer kids group lessons in the afternoon at different times on different days.  Once we have assessed your childs riding level in a one-on-one lesson, we can slot them into an appropriate group.


For more beginner focused group lessons, we prioritise riding safely in a group and further your childs education with fun exercises to improve the stability of their seat, their communication with their horse and their technique to stop, go and steer with more finesse and feel.


For groups of more advanced riders we aim to take their riding to the next level, giving them more detailed information and exercises. Some areas we focus on include improving seat, and balance, control at different gaits and understanding the techniques involved in achieving softness and clear communication with their horse.

$88 Anstead Acres horse
$77 your horse


Monday 21st September

8am to 11am FULL

Wednesday 23rd September

8am to 11am FULL

Saturday 3rd October

8am to 11am

Kids Day Camps

During school holidays we offer a range of full-day and half-day camps for kids aged 6 and upwards.


These action-packed camps include two horse riding sessions for each child. We offer a broad range of activities which changes on a daily basis. We alter the program to suit the age, experience and interest of the children attending.

Some activities include learning about horse care and safety, hands on grooming, feeding calves and our resident jersey cow Clarabelle. The kids love the gully trail adventures and picnics by the riverbank. 

Full-day camps run from 9am to 4pm and are $140 per child.

Half-day camps run from 8am to 11am and 1pm to 4pm, and are $100 per child.

We are only offering half day camps during the next school holidays. 

Beginner Rider Camps

Wednesday 23rd September

1pm to 4pm | $110 per rider

Thursday 24th September FULL

Wednesday 30th September FULL

Thursday 1st October FULL

9am to 2pm on all days

Developing Rider's Camp

Monday 28th September

9am to 2pm

Kids Riding Camps

During the year, Anstead Acres runs riding camps and clinics for kids aged from 8 up to 16 years old. In these general horse riding and horsemanship clinics many topics are covered, from safety, groundwork, conformation, basic anatomy and riding techniques.

The emphasis is on having a fun-filled time, where your child will be improving their knowledge and skills without even knowing. The group atmosphere is fantastic, as riding with friends always makes the experience better.

We find having our instructors on horseback, riding with the kids, makes the visual aid of learning much more engaging. The games they play with the instructors are a highlight of the clinic. 

These holidays we are offering riding camps for both beginners (including first-timers) and experienced kids.

The cost for a full day riding camp is $140 per child.

Full day riding camps run from 9am to 2pm.

The cost for a half day riding camp is $110 per child.

Half day riding camps run from 1pm to 4pm.

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